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There are two types of education - one teaches us how to make a living, the other teaches us how to live - Coaches teach young people what it takes to live in a challenging world. 

- D.W. Rutledge

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Motivational Resources for Coaches

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A library of motivational stories, videos, and tools for coaches to use with their teams.

Addresses today's Social Issues, what you need to know as a coach, and how to help your players.

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"A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime."

Billy Graham

Life is short.   Don't let Opportunity pass you by.  

You were meant for Greatness.  You were meant to Change Lives.


Everyone Wants to Build a Winning Program

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The Road to Success is Deceiving

Only 15% of Success is Determined by Talents and Capabilities

85% of Success is Determined by Attitude

How good are you at coaching Attitude?

With our proven program, we can help you be great at it!

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Who Are We?

In the 1980's something magical started to happen at Judson High School in Converse Texas. State Championship Appearances became a regular occurrence for nearly two decades. Under Head Coach D.W. Rutledge,  the Rockets were in 7 State Championship Games and 3 Semi-Final Games over the course of 10 straight years. They won 4 of those State Championships. Coach Rutledge's son Clint was a quarterback on two of those teams.


As a result of their success, Coaches came from all over the nation to try and learn their Secret.


What the coaches discovered though, was not what they expected. The secret was not in what offense or defense the Rockets were running.  It was not in how they ran sprints or lifted weights. The secret existed in a room above the gym known as "The Classroom."  


It was in the classroom where Character lessons were taught, the importance of Attitude was emphasized, and Leaders were born!  Leadership became a way of life at Judson and the torch was passed year after year from one class to the next.  


The lives that were changed as a result of the program at Judson became living proof that the Coaching profession and sports in general are one of the most powerful teaching tools we have in our society.  Those lessons are needed now more than ever.  In 2016, Clint Rutledge joined his Father D.W. Rutledge (the architect of the Judson Program) and they formed Rutledge Development.

Through speaking engagements, consulting services, and product development, Rutledge Development equips coaches to connect the dots between Success in Sports and Success in Life.


We invite you to come and see the secret for yourselves!  


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Stan Laing

Athletic Director, Northside ISD

The Coaching at its Core Program alone has been an invaluable resource for us as we  work to equip  our Coaches for Success. The Coaching profession needs these resources. Given the challenges we are facing as a society, we need more coaches than ever that are Coaching Beyond the Game!


Jim Streety

Athletic Director, New Braunfels

The Social Issues and Challenges our kids are facing today cannot be ignored.  We need our teachers and  coaches to come along side them and be a calm voice of guidance. Resources like Coaching to Change Lives are extremely important. 


Shawn Pratt

Athletic Director, McKinney ISD

The vast majority of Coaches who get into the profession have a heart for kids.  We need those Coaches more than ever.  Coaching a game is only a small part of what we do. Coaching  to Change Lives is at the heart of what Coaching is all about.