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"This is more than a book, it is a guide for Changing Lives..."

                      - Mack Brown


Downloads Mentioned in the Book

Self-Evaluation Form
Goal Setting Worksheet
Leadership Tournament


The Story Behind the Story

In the 1980's something magical started to happen at Judson High School. State Championship Appearances became a regular occurrence for nearly two decades.  


The secret was not in what offense or defense the Rockets were running.  It was not in how they ran sprints or lifted weights.  The secret exhisted in a room above the gym known as "The Classroom."  


It was in the classroom where Character lessons were taught, the importance of Attitude was emphasized, and Leaders were born!  Leadership became a way of life at Judson and the torch was passed year after year from one class to the next.  


The lessons that were taught in that old Classroom now exist in the form of the book and the study guide that accompanies it simply entitled "The Classroom." Those valuable lessons are now being taught to a whole new generation of Athletes, School Districts, Colleges, and Corporations by Coaches all over the country. 


The lessons from "The Classroom" were too important and too life changing to simply allow them to disappear with time.  That is why this book and study guide exist. 


We invite you to come and see the secret for yourselves!  


Clint Rutledge