Does the Scoreboard of your life read: CIRCUMSTANCES - 28 YOU - 7? Bills to pay, decisions to make, bosses to please, commitments to fulfill, relationships to mend, fears to suppress - all circumstances that seem to drive the ball down the field of life poised to score again. We try to fight back but our opponent is relentless, tough, and intimidating. Are you tired of living life day to day, letting your circumstances win, while you fight just to get by? Follow the journey of Mike Shelby as he hits rock bottom and then stumbles upon an old notebook from his past that holds a proven secret to success. Hidden in three simple questions, Mike re-discovers that there are seven traits he must master in order to live the life he is capable of living. As Mike's heart changes so does his will to win as a husband, a father, a business man, and a leader. The time has come for you to take the momentum away from your circumstances and put it back on your side. As you discover the lessons that were the secret behind the success of a Texas High School football dynasty, you will also discover just how relevant those lessons can be for you today...

The Classroom


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